Thursday, July 1, 2010


Low-Level Programming Language
Writing Boot Sector Code (SPal) - simple
Interrupt 13 editor Neo
walking the FAT / creating cross-links, etc.
MS Detail of FAT boot sector
MS BRS Not Found AA55
Ralf, Timo, Ben, AoA, Michael Davidson, FSU
W95b - boot sector change: new BPB parameters
Microprocessor Simulator - Neil (***** beginners)
AMD64 x86 under GNU/Linux
8086 Microprocessor Emulator (mine)

My Stuff
Vista Tips (HAL-PC Magazine) 1/2008
Introduction to Blogging (HAL-PC Magazine) 8/2006
Blogger: Adding a Photo (HAL-PC Magazine) 8/2006
Your Questions Answered (HAL-PC Magazine) 4/2004
(Computer) Humor Resources (HAL-PC Magazine) 7/2003
Slogans (HAL-PC Magazine) 6/2003
Identify Internal Hardware (HAL-PC Magazine) 6/2003
The Windows "Grid" Problem (HAL-PC Magazine) 5/2003
Quick Tips for Microsoft Word (HAL-PC Magazine) 3/2003 (index entry wrong)
What's Really Inside Your Computer
Windows Tips, Tricks & Tweaks - 2/99
HTML is a 4-Letter Word - 7/99
SLO Bytes Hard Copy 2/2003 (page 5)
SLO Bytes Hard Copy 5/2004 (p 5)
return path
Lockergnome 2/99
Windows 3.x Shortcuts
Urban Dirt (Harris County Tx A&M) (page 5)
Bits & Bytes 05/2004 "Ask The Expert" (page 13)
ZoomInfo Business - as M. Giggleman
ZoomInfo Business - as ML Giggleman
HAL-PC Minutes 2003


Collection of Debug "recipes" for low-level hardware access aka Debug Cookbook
Series of articles published during mid-90's in DOS World outlining uses of DEBUG for assembly programming
Tutorials written for University of Guad. on Assembly Language